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Kyle is a, Certified, Level 1 ROE Visual Technician, along with having hands on experience with many other manufactures tiles such as: Absen, Barco, Elation, Everbrighten, Martin, PixelFLEX, Revolution, Unillumin and many other.


He also has on hands experiences mapping with the major processors: Brompton, Evision, Novastar, and many others.

Being local to LA, Kyle has assisted many of the major tours and shows at large iconic venues such as: the Forum, Greek Theater, Hollywood Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Staples Center.


Kyle brings years of expereince to your event or tour, serving as either an Engineer or LED Technician.


LED Walls

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Mr. Tanner is an independent freelance video technician who travels the nation serving Fortune 500's and staging companies in the production of large scale live events such as multi-day conferences, corporate meetings, press conferences and rock & roll tours.

He specializes in three main areas:

  •  LED walls (both programming and building)

  •  Graphic operation (PowerPoint and Keynote), and

  •  Video playback (PlaybackPro and others)



Graphic Op.

A show caller recently said, 'Kyle, unquestionably gets the game ball on this one! We could have not done it without him"

Kyle had his start in this industry in the slide sound days prior to PowerPoint, and has become one of the best graphic operators for large scale live events, nationwide manging show assets and onsite changes.

Wether it be 1-2 laptops or a handful mix of Macs and PC's, Kyle is the best!


General Session, Speaker Ready, or Digital Signage, he will get it done.


Over the years, playback has evolved from analog tape to digital tape and now to digital files. The byniary nature of a digital file either plays or does not.  There is no middle ground.  That is why its critical to have an experienced operator and technician like Kyle Tanner for all of your large scale live events.

Not only is it important to have someone with exceptional timing from decades of experience, but also a technician that can rip, code, transcode and understand the hundreds of ever changing codecs.

It is no wonder that so many Fortune 500's, brodcast networks, cable channels, and award shows rely upon Kyle as being one of the best 'tape ops' in the industry.






Additonal services include:

  •  Speaker Ready Room

  •  Records

  •  Show Caller

  •  Stage Manager

  •  EIC 2

  •  Utility Head

  •  Breakout Manager

  •  Single projector / screen projection

  •  V2, A2, L2

  •  Breakout Tech

  •  Labor Services (union and non-union)




much, much more!

Here is a very brief sampling of some of the client's Mr. Tanner has worked with over the many years.





Post Office Box 7212

Burbank, CA 91510-7212

818.842.0500 - Burbank

212.203.1072 - Manhattan

818.398.0500 - mobile

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